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Hardware-Software system with the game attachment "Pulse" for treatment and rehabilitation by biofeedback method "BFB – Pulse" with control of the result by GDV technique

It is generally acknowledged that emergence and development of many diseases is very much dependable on stereotype non-adaptive behaviour in stress situations. There are a lot of self-regulation techniques that can help one not only to increase resistance to illnesses but also achieve good results in using one’s body resources. Development of modern hardware has promoted creation of the unique medical rehabilitation technology which enables to learn self-regulation techniques more effectively. This is computerized biofeedback.
The computer training simulator includes several game stories with obvious or hidden emulative features. A patient will be able to win the competition only if he or she learns to control his/her own physiological function (e. g/ pulse rate) in a situation of competitive stress. 

In this game training process the person acquires an invaluable ability to resist stress and illnesses, to learn how to respond to conflict situation in a different way and to decrease excessive inner tension. 
These computerized systems are applicable to: 

        • Medical rehabilitation procedures in psychotherapeutic practice
        • Psychological relaxation in the therapist consulting room at the company
          (including schools and universities)
        • Preventive measures for overloads in sports
        • Learning the habits of self-regulation in home conditions, etc 

Game options of biofeedback do not require special training, they are attractive and, what is mostly important, are available and accessible for any computer user, both at home and at work. 

The "BFB-Pulse" system is authorized by the Russian Ministry of Health for series production and usage for medical rehabilitation purposes. 

Hardware-Software system with the game attachment Pulse Hardware-Software system with the game attachment Pulse Hardware-Software system with the game attachment Pulse

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