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Please note that all the prices are indecisive. The final cost for the GDV products you can get by contacting the manager. Please contact us - gdv.kti@gmail.com

PRICE LIST of GDV Products

PRICE LIST of GDV Devices and Attachments
PRICE LIST of GDV Software
Additional accessories
Calculation of the GDV software update
Where to buy GDV equipment

GDV Devices and Attachments

GDV Devices Cost, Euro*
GDV Light 2 750
GDV Compact 4 200
GDV Compact Eco 5 500
GDV Camera Pro 9 400
GDV Express 17 500

GDV equipment and attachments Cost, Euro*
GDV GEO 8 000
GDV Feet Attachment 7 000
GDV Mini-Laboratory + GDV SciLab 2 800
GDV 5th Element + GDV SciLab 2 300
GDV + 1 300

*Stated price does not include cost of the software and delivery expenses

When purchasing equipment at the manufacturing company Biotechprogress LLC, a discount is provided on subsequent purchases of equipment in the amount of up to 10%.

PRICE LIST of GDV Software

Name of GDV product Cost,
(delivery not included)
GDV GEO (Supplied only with GDV GEO device) Price to be confirmed from the manufacturer
GDV Capture 0
GDV Scientific Laboratory 810
GDV Energy Field 760
GDV Diagram 760
GDV Chakra 760
GDV Screening 760
GDV Sport 760
GDV Atlas 760
GDV Neurotonus 700
GDV Motivation 760
GDV Viewer 350

Partner’s Software

Name of GDV product Cost,
(delivery not included)
GDV Interpretation 700
GD.Veda 700
GDV Effect 300
SBJmanager for GDV Software 300

Additional accessories

Name of accessories Price, Euro (delivery not included)
Measuring electrode Sputnik 1 300
GDV Filters (Camera, Compact), 1 pack – 100 pcs. 15
GDV Filters (Express), 1 pack – 100 pcs. 50
“GDV Traveler” bag  120
Cover glasses (1 pack – 100 pcs.) 10
USB-port lock for GDV Software-2022 1200

Calculation of the GDV software update

Date of sale Less than 2 years Less than 3 years Less than 4 years Less than 5 years Less than 6 years Less than 7 years* Less than 8 years* Less than 9 years* Less than 10 years*
Cost of update, % from the full cost of the software program 0 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60

*If necessary a newer model of the USB software protection key may be required.
Cost of software update older than 10 years is calculated individually.

For more details or request of GDV equipment, please call +7 (911) 132-78-31
or e-mail to: gdv.kti@gmail.com

Where to buy GDV equipment

Kirlionics Technologies International LLC

You can order GDV devices, Attachments and Software,
and also to learn how to use GDV technologies at "Biotechprogress" LLC
or by contacting its legal representatives.

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Russia, Saint Petersburg, Drovyanoy pereulok 22
tel., fax: +7 (812) 380-20-02
mobile: +7 (911) 132-78-31
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