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Our business partners


“Biokvant” LLC is a Russian developer and manufacturer of hardware-software complex “VedaPulse”, created for recording, processing and further analysis by specially created software complex, of the ECG signal of a person.

VedaPulse is intended for assessment of the functional state of a person and forming for him a special rehabilitation program. The device can be used not only by medical doctors but also by ordinary users.


“VedaPulse” is the product of medical technology. Registration Certificate of the Federal Health and Social Development Agency (Roszdravnadzor) # FSR 2011/12389, issued on July, 29, 2014.

The device is certified and sold in all countries of the world.

The cost of the basic hardware and software complex “VedaPulse Professional” is 950 Euro.

For additional information regarding cost and application of additional software and hardware please contact our managers.

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Med-Bite LLC – is Russian creator and producer of universal portable device of the new age used for thermo-puncture diagnostics based on Akabane method and medical impact on the energetic zones by modulated infrared emission of “Reflexomaster” type.
The device is intended for usage by doctors in different spheres of medicine as well as for the rest of people, who are interested in their health state and wish to determine it by self-testing method.

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