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PM-07m- is a new portable device of the first class with big color display.

The device has the following functions:

  • Automatic charger unit
  • Clocks for recording duration of the tests
  • Nonvolatile storage capacity for 20 tests
  • Sends data onto the PC through USB-port or Bluetooth at the distance up to 30 meters.

EnergoScop software program is intended for making and processing data base with creating individual and group modes of bioenergy as well as prognosis of a person’s state.

The program also provides calculating of zones for medical treatment by displaying them on the display, estimates and corrects person’s state based on the chakras, estimation and treatment of the urgent states based on the Sujoc Therapy.

Besides all mentioned above the device has possibility to monitor individual state of a person.

Principal advantages of the complex:

  1. Estimation and correction of a person’s state in one portable device.

  2. Durable volatile storage capacity of tests.

  3. Capability of autonomous work from the PC. Automatic charger unit inside the device, easy change of the accumulators.

  4. Unique philosophy of person’s state estimation based on the activity of the individual energetic di-field and assessment of disease severity based on the level of symmetry in the channels and the "golden section" rules.

  5. High level of accuracy of diagnostics, based on the system of estimation of summarized capacity of testing impulses in Joules.

  6. Capability of creating accurate, scientifically-based individual receipts of treatment due to the system of mathematic modelling of disease on the channel basis.

  7. Medical treatment is realized in the form of the thermal factor in the function of feedback and current requirement of the organism, along with the control of effectiveness of this treatment.

  8. Capability of non-invasive control of the biochemical indexes of blood.

  9. Prompt payback within 1-2 months of usage due to the accuracy of diagnostics and treatment.

Devices are certified and used in Germany, Holland, Australia and other European countries.
Cost of the device Reflexomaster including Energoscop software program is 960 $.